Monday, May 15, 2017

Salt Lake City Utah Temple | 02.25.17

temple #9 of 17 on our utah temple tour was the Salt Lake City Utah Temple on Saturday, February 25th, 2017! (:

i'd never been inside this temple, besides to look at the baptistry when my friend daysa from brazil came to visit to do baptisms! so it was wonderful to finally get to go inside & participate in the live endowment session. (:

those in attendance this day (from L-->R): me, Debbie Smith, Kara Wigginton, & Mary Riker. Debbie's sister & brother-in-law were also present (her BIL was a part of the live session, which was way cool & he also gave us the inside tour after the session - amazing!!).

i pretty much took a billion photos of this temple because it's so pretty & i love it so much! even though it was FREEZING outside that day, haha! we walked alllllllll the way around this temple to find the true entrance, and were definitely plenty frozen by the time that we made it inside, haha! #WORTHIT 

i love lovelovelove to see the temple! 

lo & behold, my hilarious attempt at a panoramic photo #mybad. i promise that temple square is way more beautiful than this poorly-taken photo shows hahaha: 

we had a lovely time inside! i loved switching between all the different rooms during the session & taking it all in. plus, seriously, debbie's BIL is amazing & showed us all around like no one other than a temple worker probably can. it was really neat to get to see inside one of the first temples ever constructed in these latter days (the fourth in utah)! after our session, the four of us main ladies headed to the yummy gourmandise in SLC for lunch. it was SO cute inside & out (even if we were still pretty cold, haha)!

also the food there was AMAZING. so much yum on one plate! minus the pickle obviously. (; 

deb & i took our typical bff selfie before she left to go back north/home to bountiful & the rest of us (kara, mary & i) headed back down to provo. 

it's been so long since we went (has it seriously been almost 3 months since then!? hahah #oops) but i still am so grateful that we were able to go to this temple together as a part of my tour. it was super special. (:

well: this makes temple 9/17! only 8 to go!

& per usual, our final insta-worthy photo of the day:

#templelove :)

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